Friday, October 31, 2008

IV/58 Medieval Irish

Here is the latest of several for OCT 08. I bought these guys on a whim form Baxter at Wargames. This is the first army I have ever painted with mixed manufacturers. The army is composed of Essex with a few Corvus Belli mixed in to round off the PS stands.
I chose not to paint the Kn and PK option because I like LH generals and I figured the PK would just slow the army down.
I had a hoot painting the Celtic symbols on the AX shields. A lot of fun.

I had diverse figures to use for the BD but changed my mind as I was base coating the figures black. The other figures looked like my Highlanders and I wanted these guys to look alittle different.

IV/68a Medieval Spanish

I purchased these guys from Baxter of Wargames Inc. The army is completly built from essex figures. I have begun to paint the lead weighing down my to do box. This army is one of two I painted in under a month.
I used some of the coat of arms for the period to add some diversity to the army. I was disapointed with Essex's variety of Knights in this army pack.

I chose to only build Spanish troops and one alliy. I refuse to paint Frenchies of any type and figured that this was the matched pair for my 100yrs English it did not make sense to use LB.

II/5d Thessalians

I finished this Thessalian Army back in SEP 08. I played a few pick-up games with my friends in FL at HURRICON.
I really enjoyed the spear line as well as the LH maneuverability. The shields were a complete blast to paint. The army is composed of Xyston figures only.

I decided not to build the CV version of this army to make it unique and also to make myself use LH against the SP and PK of the period.