Sunday, January 27, 2008

III/61 Sung Chinese

I purchased the Essex figures to make a Sung army while gaming in Nashville. The army has been half way complete for almost a year now. Fortunately, I have been re-energized to paint here lately and have decided to finish the armies that I started and never completed (one more to go)
Just thought that Bd could use some color and some spiffy flags to whirl around as they "sliced and diced" their many opponents.
Bw are Bw, enough said
I was originally excited to paint this army because it had a Horde in it, Yes you are reading correctly, I love fighting with units who should have stayed home at the farm.
Reminds me of Tonto! How?Here is the true inspiration to the army. Two Artillery pieces, or in this case Rockets. The rockets are carved from wood square stock. The loaders are manipulated crossbowmen with rockets extended from their crossbow shafts. The hot coals are pieces of a drinking straw filled with small rocks and painted red and black. Can not wait to see them shoot at something. Hey, if they miss, at least we will see a marvelous fireworks display.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

III/77 Scott Isles and Highlands

I have recently moved to Florida. After a fantastic "End" game of 4 on 4 with the guys playing at Al's in Nashville, TN. I picked this army of Scottish Islanders out to purchase. Much to my humble delight, Baxter, the new guy that took over "Wargames Inc" gave this Essex army to me, as a farewell. It is only right, that I dropped other projects in order to get my gift properly painted and posted. So Baxter, Thank you very much for your generosity and good luck.

I wanted this Army to be uniformly Yellow and Red. I had an enormously good time painting the different color schemes and patterns on the tabards that the blade are wearing. I made every attempt to get the plaid correct for the Mac Donald's...its good enough for me. The camp is my new "Universal" Medieval camp. I am running into storage issues for my DBA stuff. Hmmmmm more armies or more camps? Armies, exactly!! I figure I will make flags for each army listing to change the feel of the camp. I believe I will use this castle for my Germans, English and these Scotts. The castle was scratch built from wood and foam. I built a wooden box with a PVC tube, for the tower. Covered the structure with Elmers wood filler. I then built the batlements out of blue foam. Covering the foam as well with the wood filler. Painted and terrained the piece.
I went with the Bw and Wb combination mostly to be a pain in the butt. Besides 12 Bd are really boring.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

II/39c Ancient Spanish, Lusitanian

Worked on this army with only one goal in mind "Wimp Wars" at RECON, Orlando Florida. Time to fight in a quagmire of forest and step hills...Yeah Ha!! Elephants beware, 6 2Ps are enough to make any pachyderm to proceed with caution.
Just enough horse to cause trouble for someone not playing in the woods