Monday, August 13, 2007

Jeff Franz

I have been painting figures since 1979. My first "wargame" was Johnny Reb which I played in Gainesville, Florida with my neighborhood friends. Ever since then I was hooked. My friend and I began to play a modified 20mm squad level WWII game where I learned how to shade my figures. Recently, I changed focus and began the DBA addiction that I am currently on.


Tony Aguilar said...

I am glad you started this Blog my friend. I have added your site onto my the Links Section on my blog.

RGFranz said...

Looks Great HUBBY!!!!!!!!!

Way to follow through and get your BLOG page up and running.

Looking forward to seeing more to come.


ronin61 said...

Hi Jeff, love the armies! I am addicted myself to DBA, but since I've been stationed in the UK, I've had a hard time finding oponents.
I see you were in Iraq, I spent a tour there myself last year and took advantage of it to paint a pre-Islamic Arab army as oponent to my Late Romans.
Let me know if you stop by in the UK, a game beckons.


David said...

Hi Jeff,

Man, and you thought I had a lot of armies! I had no idea. I'll add your site to my links as well as soon as I construct that section of my blog. The armies look fantastic.


Crash-test Dummy said...

Hi Jeff,

Beautiful work and a beautiful blog. You may have just inspired me to dust off my brushes. Thanks! (I think.)