Wednesday, November 25, 2009

IV/57c Low Countries

New addition to the army. The Pk General option.
Been along time getting another Army completed. I have been in a painting slump for quite some time. I have three more armies that are with in two stands of completion and have not moved on them in a month. This army is all Museum Miniatures. I got a majority from Anderson (from Fanaticus) and filled out the ranks from Museum to make it all one manufacturer. The figures are huge. The pike are just slightly taller then my Xyston Geeks and the general, well a David and Goliath match for sure. All in all though, they are just fine when placed together.
Really enjoyed the flags for this army. Lots of fun to color coordinate and make them unique.

The two knights on the right stand ended up being smaller then the rest. Not sure why Museum does things like that in the same line. I know different sculptures were used, but darn it I want them to match.

Gun, I guess I have alot of these in my army pool. I seem to be distracted by the cannons.

Last but not least, the ash and trash of the army. Well the combat multipliers anyway.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Rules Question about turning to face

The initial landing force moved in from the coast. No issue. I had placed one Bd element in front of my camp so that if attacked it could fall back into the camp.
At this point, Tony's Bd element moved to attack my Bd in front of the camp. Problem, the contact was legal however when my Bd turned to face we found that their was not enough room . The options as well see them are as follows; One, there is no contact made. Two, the Bd moves into the camp and defends it. or Three, both elements shift away from the camp to make room.

We chose, no contact. Figured if my Bd pushed into the camp then Tony's Bd would not really have moved the way it did. Secondly we decided that to move both elements and make room would interfere with other elements on both sides lining up and did not sound right. Thoughts?